Pearl Filtration have vast experience in supplying mine sites throughout Australia with their essential liquid and water filtration equipment. We routinely stock a wide range of filter bags and cartridges, filter housings and high flow filters within our warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney; while our knowledgeable sales team have the technical knowledge to design, supply and commission new filtration systems and projects for the mining industry.

filter bags and housing for Australian mines and mining industry

Bag Filter Housings

Stainless Steel:   HECB  /  HEXB  /  BFM

Filter housings with swing bolt closure and flanged ports are generally preferred. 316 stainless steel is typically recommended.


Filter Bags

Depending on chemical compatibility, our full range of filter bags are suitable for applications within the mining industry.

Filter cartridges and housings for Australian mines and the mining industry

Cartridge Filter Housings

Stainless Steel

The mining industry utilises a range of single and multi-round cartridge housings. 316 stainless steel is typically recommended.


Filter Cartridges

Many of our cartridges are suitable for filtration in the mining industry, depending on compatibility. Frequently used cartridges include; Depth, Pleated, and Carbon cartridges.

high flow filter housing suitable for food & beverages

High Flow Housings


For applications with a high flow rate, specially designed stainless steel filter housings may be suitable. The housing is available in either a horizontal or vertical configuration.


High Flow Cartridges

Pearl Filtration supply filter cartridges to suit High Flow Housing models. Available in lengths 20″, 40″, 60″ and with a range of end-cap styles and micron ratings to choose from, the HF150 high flow cartridge is suitable for a range of applications. High flow cartridge systems can be advantageous when compared to regular bag or cartridge filter systems, as fewer filtration elements would be required to achieve a specified flow rate. Affordable equivalents to all major high flow brands are in stock, including Pall, Pentair Aqualine, and 3M.

liquid water filtration solutions

Pearl Filtration are a leading Australian manufacturer and distributor of industrial filtration products. We stock specialised equipment designed for efficient and accurate liquid treatment. Many of our standard products are kept in stock to support our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable team have the proficiency to design, supply, and commission new filter systems.

chemical, dairy, paint, food, beverage, pharmaceutical filters

Pearl Filtration supply filter elements and systems to a large and varied field of industries. Our products are often available in a range of diverse materials to ensure they are compatible with many different applications.