polypropylene high flow filters: cartridges 20", 40", 60"

HF150 Series – High Flow Cartridges

For high volume applications or systems operating with a very high flow rate, High Flow filter cartridges are a preferable alternative to standard filter bag or cartridge systems. Because of their large filter surface areas (up to 8 m2) due to their pleated structure, High Flow filter systems require significantly fewer filter elements, thus reducing replacement cartridge and servicing costs while providing efficient filter change-out times. A single 60″ high flow element has the potential to operate at the same flow rate as: 4 standard Size 2 filter bags, or up to 30 standard 30″ pleated cartridge filters.


Standard High Flow filter cartridges are fully constructed of polypropylene. A filter constructed of glass fibre exists for high temperature applications. High flow filters are typically used for; chemical, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceutical, desalination, pre-RO & water treatment/processing applications.


High Flow filter element diameter is 6″ to suit standard FRP and HFH High Flow Housings. Common end-cap styles are available for compatibility with all major brands; including Pall, Pentair Aqualine and 3M. Gasket seals are either Buna-N, EPDM, Silicone, or Viton. Cartridges are available in lengths: 20″, 40″, 60″


Pearl Filtration stock an affordable selection of High Flow Cartridges, with elements available for compatibility with:

  • Pall
  • Pentair ALN Aqualine
  • 3M


Micron rating range: 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 100, 200

Available in Nominal or Absolute

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