Grease Filter for reducing oil, grease, fats

Pearl Filtration’s GR series Grease Filters are a specialised HVAC filter designed to remove oil, grease or fat from a ventilation system. Grease filters are typically used in commercial kitchen canopies or cooking exhaust systems. Standard filters are 50 mm thick. All Grease filters are manufactured on site in our Bayswater factory. Custom filters can be constructed in thicknesses varying between 20 – 50 mm. Click here for more information.


Standard Grease Filters are constructed entirely of aluminium. The frame consists of multiple layers of corrugated aluminium mesh which acts as a coalescent depth filter. This style of filter is preferable to a Honeycomb style filter as our Grease Filter has a sturdier construction, more efficient filtration mechanism, a longer service life, whilst being competitive in price. A Stainless Steel (304/316) version of the grease filter is also available.

Australian Made Grease Filters

All our coalescent mesh filter products are manufactured within our plant in Bayswater, VIC, with Australian Made certification.

comco - honeycomb filters for commercial kitchens and grease

Pearl Filtration stock a large variety of honeycomb and baffle filters, available in aluminium and stainless steel. Honeycomb filters are an economical filter used in kitchen canopies and commercial hoods all over Australia. Baffle filters reduce grease content while offering effective flame barrier protection.

Coalescent Mesh Mist Eliminator Stainless Steel Mesh Ventilation Filter

Pearl Filtration manufacture coalescent mesh products designed to trap moisture or grease in a range of efficiencies. Our other coalescent filters include; Rangehood filters suitable for kitchen canopies, and Mist Eliminators – our highest efficiency coalescent. Coalescent mesh filters are available in either aluminium or stainless steel (304/316).

HVAC filters: V-forms, panel filters, stainless steel mesh coalescents

Pearl Filtration manufacture and distribute products for industrial HVAC filtration, including; panel filters and v-forms, holding frames, pocket filters, return air, and activated carbon filters. We have the capability to manufacture standard and customised sizes in multiple filtration grades. All our metal framed products are proudly certified Australian Made.

HVAC filters for industrial manufacturing, including cardboard and v-form filters

Pearl Filtration supply filter elements and systems to a large and varied field of industries. Our products are often available in a range of diverse materials to ensure they are compatible with many different applications. Filters for heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration are installed in most commercial and domestic buildings, including; factories, office blocks, shopping centres, and commercial kitchens.