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Welcome to Pearl Filtration’s Online Shop, dedicated to water treatment and filtration. Introducing our range of commercial water treatment products, including plastic housings and Big Blue housings, as well as a wide range of filter cartridges to suit.

We hold substantial stock of all standard products, enabling us to despatch most orders within 1-2 business days to homes and businesses throughout Australia.

For all other filtration products, including industrial liquid filtration and our range of stainless steel filter housings, visit the Pearl Filtration homepage, or speak to a member of our team for further information.

Featured Products

$54.00$62.00 excl. GST
$73.00 excl. GST
$19.00 excl. GST
$89.00$109.00 excl. GST
$384.00 excl. GST
$57.00$60.00 excl. GST

Cartridges: 2.5"×10"

Sediment Cartridge

$3.00 excl. GST

RO 5-Stage System

RO System 5-Stage

$299.00$319.00 excl. GST

RO 5-Stage System

RO Membrane 75GPD

$74.00 excl. GST

Cartridges: 2.5"×10"

String-Wound Sediment Cartridge

$11.00 excl. GST

Undersinks & Countertops

Undersink Quick Connect

$160.00 excl. GST
$171.00$183.00 excl. GST


Carbon Block

$20.00$23.00 excl. GST

Whole House Filtration

Whole House Rainwater System

$857.00 excl. GST
$73.00$98.00 excl. GST

Cartridges: 4.5" Big Blue

Big Blue Pleated

$23.75$72.00 excl. GST

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