Pearl Filtration stock a variety of filter media used for HVAC or air filtration systems. Filter media is kept in stock to manufacture our range of HVAC products, and is also available for individual sale; available by the roll or cut to specified lengths. Our HVAC media stock includes polyester, carbon, electrostatic, and fibreglass media.


Detailed information on our media can be found below. Contact our sales team to assist with any queries regarding any of our filtration material products.

polyester hvac filter media

Polyester Media

Washable filter material made from 100 % polyester. Used to construct Flat Panels, Pleated Panels or Return Air Grille filters. Commonly used to filter dusts, fibres, mould or pollen. Can be cut into pads and installed within louvre doors, commonly found in renewable power plants and wind turbines.


Available in G2, G3, or G4 ratings. Click here for our filter selection guide.


There are no known hazards relating to the use or handling of our polyester media and no requirement for the use of gloves or other special handling equipment. Our polyester media is a self-extinguishing product conforming to the Building Code of Australia (tested to AS1530 Part 3). More technical information can be found here.

carbon hvac filter media

Carbon Media

Non-woven polyester material impregnated with activated carbon. Not suitable for particle filtration but effective at removing odours and gases from an air stream. Click here to see the products we can manufacture with activated carbon.


Technical information on our activated carbon media can be found here.

electrostatic hvac filter media

Electrostatic Media

Electrostatic media filters the air using static electricity. The media is designed so that when air flows through it will create a static charge. It is this static charge which then attracts particles. The filter will be subjected to increased particulate loading throughout its life which will cause a reduction in the static charge and thus filter efficiency. It is therefore imperative the media is cleaned frequently to restore the static charge.


Electrostatic media is often used as an alternative to G2 media in our Return Air Grille filters or other non-critical applications. If properly maintained it will have a much longer service life than the polyester media alternative.

fibreglass: glass fibre hvac filter media

Fibreglass Media

Glass fibre media is a throwaway media made of multiple layers of fibreglass, designed to catch larger particles such as lint or dust over a short service life. The efficiency of the outer layer quickly deteriorates after minimal particulate loading, at which point the layer should be stripped off and disposed of. Fibreglass media is a lower-grade filtration alternative to polyester media. They are ideally suited for sea water applications and paint booths.

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