Pearl Filtration’s carbon filters are manufactured with a non-woven polyester material impregnated with activated carbon. Activated carbon media can be used in the manufacturing of several metal-framed HVAC products, such as; flat/pleated panel filters and return air grilles. Carbon Filters are available in either standard or customised sizes. Click here for technical information, or contact our sales team to assist in the filter selection process.


Carbon filters are not designed for standard particle filtration. Their primary purpose is reducing odour and the filtration of gaseous particles within an air stream. It is common practice a suitable pre-filter is installed upstream of the carbon to remove any particles, thus extending the life of the carbon filter. An after-filter is also recommended to circumvent the possibility of carbon particles entering the airflow. Suitable pre/post-filters can be found here, in our range of flat/pleated panels and return air filters.