Tap Filters: Point of use sterilising filters for hospital taps

Tap Filters are an economical disposable point of use filter installed on the nozzle of a water tap. Designed to remove waterborne pathogens, Tap Filters are often installed in hospitals as a means of infection control. Water is discharged directly after passing through the filter, therefore removing the risk of possible contamination from the tap and/or upstream pipework.


Filter medium is sterilising grade PES membrane 0.2 µm.

Tap Filters have been validated in accordance with ASTM F838 (Bacterial Retention of Membrane Filters) with sterilising grade retention on Brevundimonas Diminuta.


Tap Filters are available with a “shower head” style outlet in various configurations to suit most hospital taps.

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Encapsulated filters are easy to use, quick to change out, disposable filters. Capsule filters are used as the final filter in a process line, often used for; chemical, food, wine, beer, pharmaceutical,  and water treatment. No filter housing is required, as the filter cartridge is fully enclosed within a disposable polypropylene shell.

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