polypropylene high flow filters to suit bag filter housings

HF2 Series – High Flow Bag Filters

Pearl Filtration’s HF2 Series is a pleated filter bag specially designed to operate under a higher liquid flow rate than is possible with regular bag filtration. The pleated design provides a greater surface area for filtration, and provides an estimated 30 % increase in maximum flow capacity than traditional filter bags. This could mean a decrease in the number of filter elements required to complete a system, or ensure longer filter service life and reduce the frequency of filter change-out.


High flow filters have retention ratings far superior than traditional bag filters. This allows highly accurate and fine filtration that would otherwise be unavailable in a bag system.


The HF2 bag filter can be retrofitted into certain size 2 filter baskets and housings. Pearl Filtration’s HEXB style bag housing is an example of such a unit. Filtration direction is in-out – the same as all standard bag filters.


Standard HF2 bag filters are of polypropylene construction. These filters can be used in most industries; chemicals, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, pre RO & water processing, or other applications with a large liquid flow rate. A glass fibre model also exists for high temperature applications.


Micron rating range: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100

Available in Nominal or Absolute

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