Filter housings are specialised pressure vessels designed to suit standard bag or cartridge filter elements. Pearl Filtration’s substantial inventory includes housings constructed of stainless steel and plastic (polypropylene). We hold a variety of O-ring materials, allowing us to offer filtration solutions to satisfy almost any application. Inlet/Outlet ports options are often: BSP, ANSI flange, BSM, or Tri-clover.


Stainless steel filter housings are available in 304 or 316 – with the option of a high-grade sanitary polish for pharmaceutical or food applications. Typical pressure ratings range from 600 to 1000 kPa.


Multiple filter housings can be easily configured in either series or parallel, or to form duty-standby filtration systems.


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Our experienced and knowledgeable team have the proficiency to design, supply, and commission new filter systems. We stock a comprehensive range of filtration options and materials to provide compatibility with many diverse liquid applications.


Pearl Filtration is a proudly Australian owned company with sites located in Victoria and New South Wales. Our large stock holding capacity coupled with our highly efficient manufacturing plant allows us to offer prompt lead times to our customers throughout Australia.

liquid water filtration solutions

Pearl Filtration are a leading Australian manufacturer and distributor of industrial filtration products. We stock specialised equipment designed for efficient and accurate liquid treatment. Many of our standard products are kept in stock to support our customers.

size 1 & 2 filter bags - polyester, polypropylene, nylon

Pearl Filtration stock and manufacture an expansive range of filter bags ideal for highly viscous applications or as an inexpensive filtration solution. Polyester, polypropylene, and nylon materials are all available to provide compatibility with several contrasting liquids and chemicals. All standard sizes are available. Bag filters can be housed within our range of stainless steel and plastic housings.

polypropylene pleated cartridge filters

Pearl Filtration stock an expansive range of filter cartridges ideal for fine, accurate filtration. Varied materials and products including; glass fibre, polypropylene, PES membrane, and carbon cartridges, ensure we can supply a suitable filter for almost any application. Cartridge filters can be housed within our range of stainless steel and plastic housings.

polypropylene high flow cartridge micron filter 40", 60"

Pearl Filtration offer filtration solutions to cater for applications with a considerably high flow rate. High Flow Filters require less filtration elements than regular bag/cartridge filtration, thus reducing replacement costs and filter change-out time. Standard filters are entirely constructed of polypropylene and are available in a wide range of micron ratings.

chemical, dairy, paint, food, beverage, pharmaceutical filters

Pearl Filtration supply filter elements and systems to a large and varied field of industries. Our products are often available in a range of diverse materials to ensure they are compatible with many different applications.