High Flow Housings are designed to house specialised high flow cartridges. High flow filter systems are suitable when there is a very high liquid flow rate. Fewer filtration elements and housings are required when compared to standard bag or cartridge systems. High flow systems can be more compact than traditional filtration methods, requiring less space for installation and servicing. Horizontally configured filter housings are often used for ease of filter change-out or when there is a height requirement.


High Flow Housings are in stock to suit both 40″ and 60″ elements.


Our experienced sales team have the technical knowledge to design, supply and commission new filter systems; or provide expert advice to improve the efficiency of existing systems.


Pearl Filtration offer high flow filtration equivalents to all major brands, including Pall, Pentair Aqualine, and 3M.


FRP Filter Housings for High Flow Elements, Cartridges

The FRP Housing is designed to suit a single High Flow Cartridge. Multiple FRP units can easily be configured together. Can be installed either vertically or horizontally.


Housing shell is constructed of glass fibre reinforced plastic. Available in lengths: 40″, 60″. FRP housings are ideal for filtering; salt water, desalination, pre-RO, or for other water treatment applications with a high flow rate.


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HF-H High Flow Filter Housing

The HF series is a stainless steel filter housing to suit High Flow Cartridges. Both single-round and multi-round housings are available. Suitable for high flow applications up to a maximum operating pressure of 1000 kPa. Industrial or Sanitary filter models are available. Housing configuration options are either vertical or horizontal.


Material construction is 304 / 316 stainless steel. Available in lengths: 20″, 40″, 60″. Wide range of cartridge capacities. High Flow filter housings are suitable for: food & beverage, mining, oil & gas, desalination, pre-RO, water treatment, or other applications with a high liquid flow rate.


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UPVC High Flow Filter Housing

PLUC filter housings are constructed entirely of UPVC, making them an economical option well suited for water and salt water treatment. Available to suit a single 40″ high flow element, they offer an excellent alternative to bag filtration when flow rates are high or filter efficiency is critical. PLUC filter housings are suitable for applications up to a maximum operating pressure of 700 kPa. Housing configuration is vertical.


PLUC housings are suitable for: pre-RO, salt water and general water treatment. Material construction is UPVC.

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