stainless steel filter cartridges for steam filtration

Steam is utilised in process manufacturing and can come into direct or indirect contact with product, process lines, and/or equipment. If untreated, poor quality steam could lead to the premature blockage of downstream process filters.


Pearl Filtration are an Australian supplier of steam filter cartridges and housings required to improve the quality of steam process lines. Steam filters are commonly used in the food & beverage and dairy industries to ensure efficient and continuous operation of their steam related processes.


Filter cartridges are available in 304 / 316 stainless steel, can be either sintered or pleated, and select cartridges conform to meet culinary grade requirements. All standard sizes and micron ratings are available.

stainless steel filter cartridges for steam and liquid filtration

Stainless steel cartridges for liquid filtration are often used for high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, or a desire to backflush the filter. Stainless steel cartridges are available in a range of micron ranges and sizes. Pearl Filtration supply an alternate range of stainless steel cartridges suitable for steam filtration.

chemical, dairy, paint, food, beverage, pharmaceutical filters

Pearl Filtration supply filter elements and systems to a large and varied field of industries. Our products are often available in a range of diverse materials to ensure they are compatible with many different applications.